BEM® अनवरत:  انوراتا  Anavarata
- 1 Amp DC Online Portable Mini Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) for Wi-Fi Routers, ZigBee Bridges, & CCTV Cameras 

BEM® अनवरत:  انوراتا  Anavarata
- 1 Amp DC Mini UPS Overview

Smart gadgets such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, and smart watches have batteries inside, yet, it is ironic that they get incapacitated during power outages without the Internet, since the Wi-Fi routers do not come with batteries inside. Similarly, there are other important hubs such as ZigBee bridges, that may be collecting information from mission critical  ZigBee sensors having batteries. A ZigBee bridge, too, does not come with a battery backup, rendering all associated sensors useless during power outages. 

BEM® ANAVARATA , or simply Ana, is a Mini Online DC UPS designed to overcome this deficiency of Wi-Fi routers, ZigBee bridges, hubs and modems.  Ana can also be used with webcams, smartphones, video cameras, fingerprint recorders, and such other DC devices. 

You do not need to lose your VPN, Zoom, Webex, Anydesk or Skype connection due to a power cut. Work peacefully from home with a MINI UPS backup for your WiFi router for up to 4 hours of continuous, uninterrupted Wi-Fi operation during a power outage.

Sometimes, during the power outage, your internet service provider’s junction box may also go down. The WiFi Smart devices such as the ones offered by Sonoff have a special LAN mode of operation particularly when the internet connectivity is lost. However, for the LAN mode to work, the WiFi router needs to be powered up. Ana can help even in such a situation.

Key Features

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Models : 9ANA5  (5V) / 9ANA6  (6V),
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Models : 16ANA9  (9V) / 16ANA12  (12V),
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BEM Anavarata Package consists of:

** Important : Ana is available in different Models, with 5V, 6V, 9V, and 12V DC outputs, to suit the DC input Voltage of different Wi-Fi routers. Carefully read the sticker/ label under your Wi-Fi router for the DC input voltage and current. If the current rating of Wi-Fi router is less than or equal to 1 Amp, then Order an Ana Model with a DC output voltage matching that of the router. 


Product description

DC Voltage Output : 5V, 6V,  9V, or  12V (Purchase Ana Model that has voltage compatible with your device / equipment)

Battery : For 5V and 6V Models : 18650 Li-ion 1200mAh cells x 2 Nos. = 2400mAh

                      For 9V and 12V Models: 18650 Li-ion 2200mAh cells x 2 Nos. = 4400mAh

Battery life : 600  cycles

Capacity : 5V and 6V Models : 8.8 Wh or 8.8 VAh

9V and 12V Models : 16.2 Wh or 16.2 VAh

DC Output Jack:      DC Plug : 5.5 * 2.5 mm (Male)

or Micro B USB Connector (Male) - for 5 V Models if requested

Backup time : 1.5 - 5 hours (depending on the load current)

Weight : 175 g

Dimension : 80 x 60 x 38 mm 


On-line, portable mini DC UPS


Security / Monitoring / Alarm devices such as Wi-Fi routers, IP phones, modems, cameras, and other DC devices.

Ana can be used for communication systems, security systems, safety monitoring systems, door control systems, attendance system that need a battery backup for uninterrupted DC power supply

Mini UPS Working Condition:


Discharging: -20℃~65℃

Storage 30 days:-20℃45℃

Storage 90 days:-20℃~35℃


If keep in storage, it is suggested that the Ana be charged at least once every 2~5 months depending on the ambient temperature  (2 months at 35°C, 5 months at 20°C). Store in a cool place. 

If Ana is kept in storage for a very long time and the batteries are completely drained off, do not use the Ana. 

Safety Warning:

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