Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (contd.)

Using your Phone as an IP Camera

Using Sonoff in LAN Mode

Advantages of using Sonoff devices over other Smart devices

  1. LAN Control

In the past, no internet access could be disastrous for smart home devices, because you will lose control over your devices in app. To keep away such embarrassment, eWeLink has introduced LAN mode through iOS & Android eWeLink 3.5.0 and higher

In the earlier 3.5.0 release, when your cellphone and smart home devices are connecting to the same WiFi, devices remain controlled over local area network even if connection to public internet is cut off. However, it is not convenient enough, as you have to manually enable LAN mode.

In the 3.5.10 and higher version, eWeLink has made this feature easier and even more convenient: LAN takes priority over WAN to control devices,which means your devices are controlled through LAN connection no matter if your router is connecting to internet or not. There is no need for users to manually switch to LAN mode. As a result, users have more reliable and stable control over devices.

Your devices will remain under control even when your internet service provider cut off your internet. And, you don’t need to do anything. Just turn on/off your devices as normal. Transmission delay will be greatly reduced,too. Moreover, being controlled over LAN means higher security and privacy. (Please note: Schedules, Scenes, Share and other functions still require internet connection to set up. ) Remember to keep your WiFi router ON so it continues to remain connected with the eWeLink app.

The Sonoff devices that support the LAN mode should have firmware version 3.0 or higher. Sonoff S20, Sonoff S26, Sonoff S85, Sonoff S30, Sonoff Basic, Sonoff RF, Sonoff Slampher, Sonoff SV, S31 Lite, Sonoff T1 UK/US/EU-1 Gang, Sonoff Touch EU/US, 1 Channel Inching /Self-lockIing Mode WiFi Wireless Switch 5V/12V, Inching /self-locking WiFi Wireless Switch 5V.

Note that only the 1 gang devices that only have simple on/off feature are supported. Currently, other devices like the power measuring device, temperature measuring device don't support LAN control function.

2. Convert your Old Phone into a Smart IP Camera at a Location having a Sonoff Device

The eWeLink Camera App turns your phone into an IP camera. It captures and sends live video stream from the camera of the your cellphone to another cellphone where you view the live video. (*Currently, only available on Android. IOS is on the way,too.Please stay tuned. ) Please note that your old phone cannot have eWelink and eWelink Camera apps installed at the same time, so you may have to remove eWelink app first

The camera works with both 4G and WiFi. This means you can start to stream anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to worry being out of range of wifi. Just turn on mobile data and start to share your view. The viewer can watch the live video through 4G as well as WiFi. Thanks to the portability of cellphone, your creativity is not limited by the length of the power wire, either.

What can you do with this app?

  • Watch over your pet or your baby through eWeLink Camera.

  • Check on cooking without going to kitchen back and forth

  • Monitor home appliances to take actions accordingly

  • Talk with your friend in live video

Functions as

  • Short time Remote Surveillance through App.

  • Real-time talk-back

  • Video capture

  • Smart life when coupled with other eWeLink supported smart devices.

What you need

Note: Two phones are required. The two apps should be installed on two phones separately.

How to configure an Old Smart Phone as an IP Camera to Remotely Monitor a Location having a Sonoff Device

3. Small in Dimension

Sonoff MINI WiFi Switch when retrofitted with a Touch Switch occupies only a single 2.5 cm slot width of a Modular Switchboard, same as that of a regular mechanical rocker switch. Hence you can simply replace the old switch with the smart Sonoff MINI with Touch.

The Sonoff MINI as well as the Touch Switch maximises use of surface mount components to make this miniaturisation possible.

4. No Loose Connections means Reliable Operation.

All the Sonoff products that are displayed here use connectors with screws. When properly tightened, the connections with the external wires are solidly made. Once the Sonoff Smart switch is fitted on the modular switchboard there is no scope of disturbing the wiring or wire connections, and hence there is reduced chance of failure due to overheating.

In sharp contrast, many of the external smart plugs are simply plugged into a press fit socket. Due to frequent insertions the sockets are often seen to be a loose fit and a loose joint and is often seen to be the cause of overheating or burning of the switch and is a potential fire hazard.