Wi-Fi Smart Switch Integration for Indian Modular Switchboards


BEM® Smart Switch Integrations offers smart switch assemblies that can be simply inserted into the existing Indian modular switchboards.

An assembly comprises of a 230 V ac SONOFF MINI R2 Smart Switch retrofitted with a touch switch that can fit into an Indian Modular SwitchBoards such as,
1. ABB® Snieo White
2a. Anchor Panasonic® Roma Classsic 21598 White / Black
2b. Anchor Panasonic® Roma Urban 66604B White / Black
3. AnchorPanasonic® Penta White
4. C&S Electric Divino White
5. Honeywell® / MK Blenze DW441WHI White
6. Honeywell® / MK Citric CW441WHI White
7. Legrand® Arteor 573449  White
8. Legrand® Arteor 573649 Magnesium
9. Norisys® Cube C5700.01 White
10. Panasonic® Vision WIM 3020 White
11. PM®  Cona Status 9356 White
12. Schneider®  Livia P0001 White
13. Wipro®  North West  White 

Rates given are for MINI - Touch with Anchor Panasonic® Roma Classsic 21598 White (default) that is in stock. Cost is higher for other colours/brands, and Buyers are requested to confirm availability before placing an order.
Low in Cost, Easy to Install, Convenient to Use and can be activated immediately. 


TOUCH Package consists of:

Please Specify the Modular Switch Plate from the following range: 

(1) With Anchor Roma Classic compatible Plate

(2) Without Plate retrofit. 

Sonoff Modular Wi-Fi based Smart Switch (1 No.) retrofit bundled with Anchor Roma compatible Touch Switch Plate (1 No.). Box contains 1 set of Sonoff MINI WiFi switch and touch switch retrofitted and connected together. Together they readily fit into the Anchor Roma compatible Modular Switchboard and work in unison for a two-way switching action. Both switches together occupy just a single 2 cm slot of the Modular Switchboard. User can switch ON or OFF the electrical load (light or fan) using the Touch Switch or the Smart WiFi Switch. Compatible with Alexa, Nest, Google Home. WiFi controlled switch makes all home appliances smart. As long as the mobile has network, users can remotely control the appliances by turning them on off from anywhere at any time. Another feature available is to set timing schedules for the appliances, which can include countdown on/off, scheduled on/off, and can thus, help users maintain an easy life. The mobile application eWeLink enables users to control the appliances easily. 

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