BEM® Senior Citizen Solar E-Tricycles 
- A Solar Tri-cycle fitted with 250W BLDC Hub Motor, Electronic Motor Controller, Rechargeable Li-ion Polymer 36V Battery,  75 W Solar Panel, BEM Savitre Solar MPPT Battery Charge Controller &  fittings.

Solar Tricycle Overview

Senior Citizens wish to retain their independance and mobility even in their old age. A solar tri-cycle that is self-charging gives the senior citizen the ability to move around outdoors for short distances in a care-free manner. The solar panel mounted on the roof top takes care of the battery charging needs. No need to hunt for an electric outlet, It is a perfect vehicle to be driven by senior citizens in small campus, hospitals, 

Bicycles are the most common and most numerous (> 2 billion) vehicle amongst any kind of vehicle whether human powered or motorised ever produced by mankind. Invented over 2 centuries back (by the German Karl von Drais in 1817), today we see a major transformation - solar bicycles. 

Currently, solar bicycle is the only electric vehicle that provides a fully sustainable, environmental friendly, motorised solution to one's travel needs (upto 25 kms per day). 

Go cycling! Roam the remote country side! Venture out to areas where there is no access to electricity or petrol pumps! Go where no man has gone before with a Solar Cycle!

Truly Sustainable Living: Be totally off fossil fuels and electric grid. Zero running cost. Travel upto 25 kms/day  with a 40W panel attached to your cycle. Use Solar. Save Mother Earth!

No Registration or Driving License required: Can't get a driving licence for your under 18 teenager? Current regulations state that those between the age of 16 to 18 can obtain a license for driving a 2-wheeler with engine capacity less than 50 cc. Many teenagers aged 17 years or less are observed to be illegally riding a registered vehicle, with engine capacity of 100 cc or higher, at high speeds contributing to higher rate of accidents on Indian roads.  Best answer is to ride to school with an environmentally sustainable solution - a solar bicycle - whose speed is limited to 30 km/hour. 

Bicycle to Work: Wish to make a transition to a healthy lifestyle? Don't have time to go to a gym?  Ride a Solar cycle to work. Can choose between manual pedalling, power assisted pedalling, or full power throttle without pedalling with a solar bicycle.  

Bring Your Own Panel: As the BYOD (Bring your own device) policy is becoming more popular, carrying your own panel to work has even more advantages. No need to search for a charging point at work. Simply park the vehicle under the Sun and the battery will silently get charged while your work. 

Safety First: In sharp contrast to a fast charging process from the electric utility's ac mains that has resulted in numerous vehicles catching fire, the solar charge process is an safe and elegant one that is also gentle on the batteries and enhances its life too.

Charge while you ride: Keep the Solar charger switched ON while you ride along with your panel. The solar panel will supply approximately 15 to 20% of the BLDC motor's  needs while you ride. This means that the battery would be supplying only 80 to 85% of the energy and thus getting drained less, again enhancing the battery life. This also means that you can  cover larger distances after a full charge.  

Pedal your way back: Run out of battery power? Unlike other e-vehicles you do not get stranded in the middle of nowhere. Pedal back home.

Low Loss / High Efficiency Charging Process: When you charge the battery from a 230 Volt ac electric mains, an AC to DC conversion takes place which is inefficient. This means high temperature - low reliability operation, or requirement for forced cooling or bigger heat sink for the charger.  Many AC to DC chargers are also seen to inject harmful harmonics into the AC system.  Unlike this, the Solar to Battery charge process is DC to DC which is more efficient, which means that the charger can be smaller in size, more reliable, no need for cooling fans, less noise, etc. 

Optimum Charging Process: Unlike other chargers, the solar charger is microcontroller based and intelligent. The ARM controller chooses an optimum - Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) point for the DC to DC (Solar to Battery) conversion for efficient charging with a smaller solar panel that can be carried on a bicycle. 

Charge in the Parking Lot Under the Sun: Staying in an Apartment or an Upper Floor? With Lithium Batteries getting placed inside the bicycle frame it becomes more and more difficult to charge the battery from an electric ac mains point; the entire bicycle needs to be lifted to the Apartment. Unless, you opt for the far more convenient alternative solution - Solar charging in the parking lot under the Sun!

Unique E-vehicle: No other E-vehicle other than a Solar Bicycle can boast of all or any of the above unique features!

Low Cost to Upgrade your E-bicycle: Riding your e-bicycle without solar upgrade is not truly environmentally friendly. The BEM Solar upgrade kit for  ₹2700 (inclusive of GST) gives you the satisfaction that you are doing your bit to save the environment.  

BEM® Solar-Bicycle Description

The BEM® Solar bicycle is different from all other electric vehicles with respect to its charging needs.  The Solar bicycle does not need to be plugged into an electric socket for charging!  No need to hunt for an electric socket at your destination or place of work. Simply park the bicycle with the solar panel facing the sun for approximately 6 hours to recharge the battery of the e-bicycle after  20 kms of daily travel. 

Harness solar energy even while travelling. During day travel, the DC motor of the Solar bicycle usually draws only 80% to 85% of the total current requirement from the Li-ion battery while the Solar panel supplies the rest (15% to 20%). Reduced burden on the battery means longer life of the battery.  The slower charging process over 6 hours under the sun is also recommended to enhance the battery life. (In sharp contrast, fast charging from electric outlets reduces battery life). 

Looking for a low loss charging solution for your E-bicycle? A 230 Volt AC to DC conversion is inefficient. Introducing the higher efficiency DC to DC (Solar to Battery) conversion with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for faster charging with a smaller solar panel. 

About the Charger

The BEM® सवित्रे™  Savitre - 2 Amps MPPT  Solar Charge Controller consists of MPPT digital controller and photovoltaic drivers and is designed to control high efficiency DC/DC conversion used in photovoltaic based Li-Ion battery charging application. It is a 2 Amps (Max.) Solar True Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm based charger for 37 Volt (Nominal), 42 Volt (Maximum) Li-ion battery. This charger provides you with the ability to extract the maximum possible power out of your Solar panel of rating 12 Volt, 40W, and feed it into the  rechargeable Li-ion battery. This means that the E-Bicycle battery would get fully charged in the shortest possible time with a smaller sized (lower cost) Solar panel.  Recommended size of solar panel is 12V, 40W that can be easily fitted on the rear carrier of a standard bicycle 

Set-up is easy as well. Simply, plug your solar panel into one (input) side of the solar charge controller and your e-bicycle battery into the other (output) side, then Switch ON the charger and the battery would start charging at the fastest rate! Ensure that the solar panel is facing sun, avoid shadows, and keep the panel surface clean for best performance.   

PickUp from Factory Outlet:

Model : 12CYC37,
Ex-Works (EXW) Discounted Price: ₹29,500 + GST

All Inclusive = ₹30,975 

BEM Solar Cycle Package consists of:

The BEM® Solar E-Bicycle consists of:

 The Kit does not include two essential or mandatory components, namely - (i) an electric bicycle with Li-Ion battery and (ii) a 12 Volt,  40 Watt Solar Panel.  In this manner, the customer is not restricted on his/her choice of bicycles and solar panels. 

 ** Important : Savitre is available in different Models, with 37V  and 72V DC outputs, to suit the DC input Voltage of different Li-ion Batteries.  Carefully read the sticker/ label on the Li-ion Battery of your bicycle for the DC  voltage. 


Product description

BEM® Assorted Solar E-Bicycles  


The BEM® Assorted Solar E-Bicycles  offers you a Solar Retrofit to a 26" MTB Bicycle of your (Customer's) Choice with 250W BLDC Hub Motor, Electronic Motor Controller, Rechargeable Li-ion Polymer 36V, 5.2 Ah or 10 Ah Battery,  12 V,  40 W or 20W Solar Panel, BEM Savitre Solar MPPT Battery Charge Controller &  fittings. This is a complete solar cycle and includes all  essential or mandatory components, namely - (i) an electric bicycle with Li-Ion battery and (ii) a 12 Volt,  40 Watt Solar Panel.  We offer the customer his/her choice of bicycle model with different capacities of battery and solar panels and a choice of fittings such as an aluminium alloy Centre Stand, or Tail Light and Brake light. 

For Battery : 37V (Nominal  Voltage), 42V (Maximum Voltage), 5 to 10Ah  Lithium Battery for Bicycles.
Battery Life: Enhances the Battery life from say a typical 600 fast charge cycles to 800 solar charge cycles.  

DC Output Jack:      DC Plug : 5.5 * 2.5 mm (Male)

Weight : 175 g,    Dimension : 80 x 60 x 38 mm 

Rear Bicycle Carrier 

A rear Bicycle Carrier for 26" MTB E- Cycle

BEM Savitre charge controller:

An aluminium alloy Centre Stand for 26" MTB E- Cycle,


A few rods and fittings to help attach a 40 W Solar Panel to the rear Bicycle Carrier on a  26" MTB E- Cycle


The BEM® Solar E-Bicycle Kit (DIY) helps you convert your 26" MTB E- bicycle into a solar bicycle. 

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We have chosen Savitre as the name of the Solar MPPT Charger. Savitre originates from the Mantra (name of Surya or Sun God) - ॐ सवित्रे नमः Oṃ Savitre Namaḥ, meaning - one who produces everything. Savitre  also has a  corresponding  Asna  (Step) in Yoga - namely Padahastasana - a variant of Uttanasana or 'Standing Forward Bending' asana in modern yoga as exercise and as shown in the emblem alongside.