Auto-Dim Street lamps

Baroda Electric Meters Ltd. (BEM) has been manufacturing Smart Lamps for over a decade. Earlier BEM used to offer Smart Fluorescent Lamps and today it is offering Smart LED Lamps under the Trade Name – 'Street View™'.  BEM is proud that Street View™  is ‘Made in Gujarat'. 

Our studies has shown that the benefits of shifting from fluorescent technology to LED technology are only MINIMAL. While efficient fluorescent lamps operate at approx. 100 lumens/Watt, the LED lamps offer slightly higher - 120 to 140 lumens/Watt. More significant savings can be reaped ONLY by shifting to SMART technologies that offer ‘Auto-Adjusting’, ‘Lossless-Dimming’ characteristics. Smart LED lamps can offer an additional 35 % savings over the regular (non-SMART) LED lamps.