BEM  Products:
Solar Vehicles

The BEM® सवित्रे  Savitre is a True Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Solar charger for single-cell Li-ion and Li-Po batteries. This MPPT solar charger provides you with the ability to extract the maximum possible power out of your solar panel or other photovoltaic devices and feed it into a rechargeable Li-ion or Li-Po battery. Set-up is easy as well. Simply, plug your solar panel into one (input) side of the solar charger and your battery into the other (output) side and the battery would start charging at the fastest rate!

Smart gadgets such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, and smart watches have batteries inside, yet, it is ironic that they get incapacitated during power outages without the Internet, since the Wi-Fi routers do not come with batteries inside. Similarly, a ZigBee bridge does not come with a battery backup, rendering all associated sensors useless during power outages.  BEM® ANAVARATA , or simply Ana, is a Mini Online DC UPS designed to overcome this deficiency of Wi-Fi routers, ZigBee bridges, hubs and modems.  Ana can also be used with webcams, smartphones, video cameras, fingerprint recorders, and such other DC devices. 

You do not need to lose your VPN, Zoom, Webex, Anydesk or Skype connection due to a power cut. Work peacefully from home with a MINI UPS backup for your WiFi router for up to 4 hours of continuous, uninterrupted Wi-Fi operation during a power outage.

BEM® offers Wi-Fi based home automation devices such as smart switch assemblies and integrations that suit the Indian Switchboards. BEM also offers retrofits over  some of the popular Sonoff WiFi switch range such as the Sonoff MINI.  Live smarter to make your life easier. 

BEM® manufactures motion sensor based products ranging from motion triggered simple switches to IoT (Internet of Things) enabled Wi-Fi based smart switches and cameras that gets triggered on motion. 

In the IoT enabled product range, motion can be sensed remotely within the Wi-Fi range or with internet connectivity even beyond; from any part of the world! Images can be captured and sent through e-mails automatically on motion detection or on the press of a key on your mobile, while any electrical load connected to the switch can be delinked from the sensors and independently controlled! 

Live smarter to make your life easier. BEM motion sensor based products allow you to improve the safety and security of your office or home and family easily and effectively. With discreet compact design, these motion sensors provide instant and reliable performance as part of your security system.